Conscious Business: What is it?

For some ‘Conscious Business’ simply means ‘socially responsible’, and it is sometimes likened to social enterprise or CSR. For some it is a ‘new-age’ approach that has nothing to do with ‘real’ business – the business of making money.

But we think about it differently. For us, conscious business is about being more aware of how we act and behave, and what we think and experience, as we do it.

This leads to making better decisions: more quickly, more honestly, more collaboratively and with a fuller set of information. We can check if we are aligned more easily – and more alignment leads to better follow-through, and better results.

All this leads to a business which is more responsive, more innovative, and that generates higher quality outputs, and more value for everybody: customers, staff and and a much broader set of stakeholders.

There is evidence emerging to support this view – that businesses that adopt this approach do well financially – generating higher levels of sustainable profit, especially in the medium- to longer-term. As well as being more attractive places to work, and stronger, better liked brands.

You can read more about CB here (Part 1 and Part 2) – in the world’s first journal edition dedicated to Conscious Business, and edited by one of our founders. Or please get in touch.

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