A Culture of Collaboration

The business goal for this government-funded organisation was to change the way business support was delivered to SMEs.

The challenge here was to find a way to provide exactly the kind of high quality support that business leaders need. But at radically low cost – and in a sustainable way.

The solution was simple in concept – but complex to bring about. The idea was create a way for business leaders to help each other, putting aside their natural competitive tendencies to allow them to draw upon the wealth of experience in other business people.

This meant a whole new way to communicate.

Tapping into natural enthusiasm, we built a new community of companies, with a new culture. Often great ideas sit submerged behind emotions like pride and competition. So we created ways to allow people – who normally wouldn’t consider this kind of dialogue – to communicate and help each other.

We made it possible for people to help each other.

The results: years on the MDHUB network is still thriving. In fact, it has become self-sustaining financially and is growing into other geographies.

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