Brandwatch - a 21st Century leadership programme

Brandwatch are a high tech company with more than 300 people, over 1000 clients and offices in Brighton, San Francisco, New York, Berlin, Stuttgart and Singapore. They have just received a further $33m investment to fuel further rapid expansion.

They have a growing team of over 70 managers facing the challenges that come with this expansion:

● New people are joining all of the time who need to rapidly upskill

● There is constant pressure to achieve demanding targets

● Managers need to let go of older responsibilities and focus more on managing and supporting their teams

● Managing performance across teams of diverse personality types and varying expectations, sometimes in remote geographical locations.

● Competitive and changeable market conditions requiring the business to be able to rapidly pivot and maintain high levels of innovation and creativity

● Silos developing as a consequence of the increasing size and speed of growth

● The time pressures on individuals making it very hard to develop the skills to address these challenges

...and Brandwatch really invest in their people’s careers and believe strongly in promoting from within, so some managers are new to management.

What we're doing

Conscious Business People have co-created a 10 month leadership programme working closely with the Brandwatch people team and Wild Things. We’re focusing on developing core skills in short monthly workshops which also help them with their personal and professional development. This results in more confident managers who lead more intuitively, better address their own developmental needs and who are then more capable of providing the same for their teams.

The programme covers some key aspects such as:

● Having difficult conversations

● Delegation and empowerment,

● Working with diverse personality types

● How to be an effective communicator

● Performance management

● Feedback & coaching

● Collaboration and peer to peer support

We’ve provided some simple models and some core skills. We’re working with them experientially using actual challenges they face and giving them plenty of space to practice and apply the concepts.

Results so far are very positive.

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