Learning to Lead – Consciously

Firstly, we helped him get in touch with his personal dream. Then over the last couple of years we have been working to help him reach it.

That has involved working with the company at three levels:

  • support and personal coaching for the MD
  • working intensively with the SMT to help them develop into a well functioning group
  • working with the company more broadly on Vision, and developing consultancy skills

Running any business is challenging. But trying to become leaders, and form a functioning group at the same time takes courage and effort. We’ve been supporting that process – giving the SMT the practical skills they need – through a process of experiential learning.

It’s still early days – we know real change takes time. However, the signs are good:

  • the team is working well together, with increased mutual respect
  • the individuals involved report feeling better about themselves and their relationships at work
  • crucially, the business is performing better


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