Conscious Business Leadership – An Introductory Course

Business has changed! A radically different leadership approach is emerging that’s fit for the 21st century.

Next generation leaders are creating new forms of leadership – more conscious, more flexible, more authentic and more effective. They draw on emerging ideas in psychology, economics, digital culture and even the new physics. They think and act systemically, lead more consciously and respond iteratively and flexibly to market changes.

The result: companies that are more profitable, stable and sustainable. Companies with excellent working environments, attracting and retaining the best people. Companies that are more innovative, resilient and adaptable in the face of continuing market change.

This is because next generation leaders reject the old leadership models. Companies like John Lewis, Patagonia, Zappos and IDEO are so successful because they know that Generation Y needs a different approach. They know that focusing only on short term profit, gives a poor longer term return for stockholders. They also want to enjoy going to work every day.

The Conscious Business Leadership course is a one day evidence-based process that combines simple-to-apply principles and working practices to help you become a leader who is fully fit for the 21st century.

If you’d like to step away from tired models and practices, move beyond the obvious and become a conscious business leader then contact us for more information.


Focused specifically on a leadership team, a board of directors, or a change management team, this course will shine a light on how to behave as, and become, a conscious business leader. We’ll apply key ideas and approaches in the field of conscious business to you, as a leader, identifying where your quality of business consciousness may be weaker and how to personally and professionally develop a conscious approach to leadership.

We’ll look at leadership bias and subjectivity, the role of self-awareness and how to observe motives in real-time.

This will be a personally challenging session, offering fresh insights as well as occasional moments of discomfort aimed at personal improvement and developing the core competences required to be a conscious business leader. We’ll also look at how a conscious business leadership team works collaboratively to bring about a more conscious business or organisation. With challenging activities, stories and cases, this is a bold, deep dive for leaders.

A Quick Self Test

Want to know if it’s for you or your teams? Honestly rate yourself from 1 to 10 on how you perform against the following criteria, better still get someone you trust to be honest with you to rate you as well. Conscious Business Leaders:

  • Are reflective, open to feedback and invested in lifetime learning
  • Act as enablers not dictators
  • Distribute power to where it’s needed
  • Easily share credit
  • Eagerly share knowledge
  • Are consistently collaborative
  • Are future-focused and strategic thinkers
  • Prioritise their relationships with all stakeholders
  • Are awake to their company’s real needs and can separate this from their own ego
  • Take risk but use a balance of instinct and evidence to ground it

If you would like to increase your scores to become a more conscious leader, contact us and ask about our next one day course.

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